White Water Rafting – It’s a Go for CDO

It has been mentioned earlier on this blog that Cagayan de Oro City’s tourism dwindled after Typhoon Sendong destroyed a lot of places in Cagayan de Oro including some of the major tourist destinations for adventure. It is unfortunate that many of the supposed tourists thought that CDO is no longer a good place to visit since the devastation. Well, you guys have to see all these photos and video. The photos below were taken a week ago during our visit in one of the major destinations when you visit Cagayan de Oro City, the White Water Rafting (we started at Mambuaya River).

Undeniably Cagayan de Oro spells White Water Rafting! And yes dear visitors it is still as good as it was. There were some minor changes though, like the restaurant and the swimming pool the rafters used to stop over to freshen up and eat is no longer there as it has been swept away by the ravaging flood water. Some rapids were gone but there were newly formed and some even became more exciting!

The video below is courtesy of GMA’s regional station feature in their local program “Isyu Karon”. With the goal to show everyone how fun it still is even after the typhoon recharging CDO’s tourism. See for yourself!

Photo below is the 11th rapid (beginners course). Quite a challenge as it is a surprise rapid! Used to be level 2 but after the typhoon it’s now level 5. Trust me it’s insanely fun! We did this 2 consecutive days making sure we are not missing anything. And may I add, NO leptospirosis! so it’s definitely 100% safe health wise.

Of course The fun didn’t stop there! We then of course headed to Dahilayan for another adventure! It’s a Go for CDO!

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  1. Hello,
    I’m a CDO Kayaker. That is not Class/Level 5. Class 5 is already jumping at least 5 meters high waterfalls. You can call it Class 3+ or Class 4 but not Class 5.


  2. hello CGY-CDO, thank you for the clarification/information. The statement was based on what our guide told us (which we believed of course) after surpassing the rapid. Now we are confused..heheheh.. but anyway, thanks for the information again. #ItsAGoForCDO

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