USB Microphone Find for City Vlog

I wanted to create something new for this blog, something that would promote my city and entice people to come and visit. That would mean I will need to take more photos and videos. Now speaking of videos, it entails a voice overs or instrumental recordings to make it more relatable and attractive to the viewers and future visitors. And so my search for that microphone that will work best for my desktop for the voiceover and recording vocals to realize this vlog plan has began! I have searched some local stores but so far that best suits my needs. While there were couple of choices, they seem to be lacking something.

I chanced upon blue nessie in my continuous search online and looking at its design specification, I know I found the right one.

Nessie is a intelligent desktop USB recording microphone with adaptive technology that instantly delivers studio-enhanced sound for recording vocals, instruments, voiceovers, and more.

I can’t wait to record my vlog for the city now that I have found the best microphone for me!

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