Taters is Kagay-anons New Movie Partner

Kagay-anons movie experience will never be the same again now that Taters is here! Some of you guys might have heard or even tried Taters before but to those who haven’t heard of them, Taters provides the movie-going market better quality snack alternatives as compared to the old-style popcorn concessionaires. Taters gives movie goers an alternative and healthy snack options other than the soda and junk foods usual choice. Annie Tanchanco the founder of Taters stressed out that they see to it that their menu is healthier and of first-rate supplies and materials.

Taters Cagayan de Oro is located at the 3rd floor of Centrio Ayala Mall just beside the cinemas. They serve different variants of popcorn, fries, hotdog, chips and nachos. Also in their menu is the Churkey Burger, it’s a Chicken-Turkey filled burger snack that will definitely fill your appetite for burger! Another very interesting menu is the Tofu Chips, an original recipe of Chimara Neo-Vigan Cafe (Two must-try snacks).


It’s also great to know that Taters are authorized to deliver your order inside the Cinema. Oh yes! you can definitely order and wait inside in case you are in a rush. Just give your seat number and your food will be delivered to your convenience with no additional charge. Now, that’s new!

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