Part 2: Cadayunan Primary School Outreach

We are sharing 2 videos for every Kagay-anon for us all to see the real situation of the kids there that is why CDOBloggers decided to adopt the school and help each child in any way we can. One need not to be rich in order to be a blessing to everyone.

Here’s a video of us going to Sitio 14, Besigan where the School is located. It was a sunny ride, rough, gloomy until the rain pour down on us as we approached Cadayunan Primary School.

They are the kids we love to help. The rugged rough ride was all worth it upon seeing the joy in their eyes, their warm smile and their excitement which was clear in their synchronized greeting. I love how these kids are being polite and respectful. The video below shows the kids sing the National Anthem and singing the English Alphabet.

Reposting the names of those people and establishments who were kind enough to help us making this outreach a successful one! Most of all for making the Cadayunan Kids happy. This won’t be the last we assure you :).

Cash and in Kind

Bang Agbon – P 400.00
Ems Cortez – P 300.00, Books & Toys
Ding Aban – P 300.00
Vic Madriaga – P 300.00 & Books
Venus Mabale – P 300.00
Eleanor Aguilar – P 300.00, Bags
Shailini Baliguat – P 500.00
Grace Maghanoy – P 300.00
Myra Bunayog – P500.00
JenJaqs Agbon – books
Little Lili – Books,shoes & bags
SweeTeachRN – Bags

Thank you as well to our blogger friends who donated through PayPal
Verna Liza Luga – P 210.32
Borris Mabulay – P 841.29
Gagay Dinampo – P 210.32
Teresa Barcelon-Tippett – P 391.62
Dexter Panganiban – P 420.64
Karen Chayne Sanchez – P 210.32
Jessica Cassidy – P 1051.61
Ruby Ricafrente – P 210.32 and books
Jay Ginete – P 1051.61
Mhai Damasco – P 391.63

Kids Christmas Party Lootbags
Firefly Toothbrush
Guard Insect Repellent
Dhadha Garcia – in kind for the kids’ toothpastes
Raya Alkuino Gregorio

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