Local Government’s Financial Aid Distribution for Sendong Survivors

It’s been 4 months now since that disastrous day where Sendong ravaged Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City claiming thousands of lives and still hundreds of missing. Some have questioned the local government’s lack of action when the incident happened. It was as if the City’s Father got too stunned that he lost the ability to act with the sense of urgency in response to the calamity. Well, those were reactions and some opinions we all heard at one point. But despite the very traumatic and depressing incident the Kagay-anons are slowly getting back to their feet.

Well anyway, , in the face of all the commotion, the judgment and misunderstanding it’s good to see everything going to where they are supposed to be – rehabilitation and recovery. Glad to know that the local government have provided financial aid to those families who were affected by the Typhoon – those whose properties were totally and partially damaged. The amount they received might not be enough compared to their loss but at least, it’s something that will help them go by.

As of this writing, the local government have distributed a total P68,683,400.00 to 12,502 surviving families in the 8-phases of distribution all sourced from the City’s 5% Calamity Fund. The aid were claimed at the City Tourism Hall.

The families from the following areas were able to receive the financial aid:

  • Baranggays: 1, 6-7,10,13,15,17-18,21,23 and 25
  • Zone 9 Macanhan, Carmen, Mambuaya, Tomas Saco 1st Nazareth, Pagalungan, Pagatpat, Pigsag-an, Puntod, San Simon, Tablon, Tignapoloan, Tuburan, Tumpagon
  • Biasong, Tibasak, Cala-Cala, Tambo, St. Ignatius & Tomasaco
  • Balulang, Agusan, Baikingon and Balubal
  • Agusan, Baikingon, Bayabas, Bayanga, Canitoan, Cugman, Dansolihon, FS Catanico, Gusa, Indahag, Lumbia, Lapasan, Macasandig, Mambuaya, Nazareth, Pagatpat, Pigsag-an, Puntod, Tablon, Tagpangi, Tignapuloan, Tuburan
  • Photo credit: cagayandeorocityinformationoffice.wordpress.com

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