Laguindingan Airport All Set to Open

Laguindingan Airport is set to open for business and accommodate flights this Saturday (June 15, 2013) despite the protest of some groups and prominent individuals. Flights going to Lumbia Airport in Cagayan de Oro City will be diverted to the new Laguindingan International Airport in Misamis Oriental.

While some business and civil society groups in the region described Laguindingan Airport’s opening as “premature” jeopardizing the safety of the passengers, THE Export Development Cooperation Fund (EDCF), the development arm of the government of South Korea on the other hand gave assurance that the Laguindingan International Airport it has helped built in Misamis Oriental province meets the strict requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO).


According to South Korean Ambassador to the Philippines Hyuk Lee “Laguindingan Airport, which meets the standards of the International Civil Aviation Organization, will contribute to the improvement in transportation infrastructure in the Philippines, as a base international airport that replaces the Cagayan de Oro Airport,” – Check out the rest of the article about Laguindingan airport meeting the international standard HERE


So since the opening of the Laguindingan airport seem irrevocable, the question now is, are we all ready? The distance of the airport and the cost going there from CDO is a big concern for many passengers. For sure, the transportation requirement going to Laguindingan via Taxi will cost the passengers hefty amount of money! It’s good to know that there are already designated vehicles to bring passengers.Let us check out the resolution to this dilemma.


Taxi – Metered taxi bearing the same body color (paint) are the only cabs allowed inside the taxi bay to ensure passengers are not overcharged. Route will be from Laguindingan to any point in Region 10. Laguindingan airport said to have requested 75 units. Flag down will be a bit higher than the regular taxi.


Multicab Aircon (Utility Van) – All units shall bear the same design which is a display of an array of tourist spots in Region X to support the tourism industry. It’s route will only be from the Airport to the national highway. This caters EVERYONE going to and pro. Requested units are at 50.

AUV Express/VFH/RAC Tourist Transport – Routes from Laguindingan to (CDO – 50 units) (Iligan City – 30 units) (Malaybalay City – 20 units) (Marawi City – 30 units). Fare will be fixed and regulated.


Super 5 transport will have bus routes from Laguindingan airport to Iligan City and Cagayan De Oro City.

So far so good (personally). Keep it here in ChadaCDO for the schedule and fare rate of each transportation going to Laguindingan, Iligan and around Region X.

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