Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce only in CDO

Here’s something new for every Kagay-anon! If you’ve heard or tasted Capt. Richie’s Baby Back Ribs, you will love it even better with Kataste Oyster Meat Sauce. The man behind Capt. Richie’s Baby Back Ribs is the same man behind CDO’s first homemade oyster meat sauce, the Kataste (Ka-tas-te). Because Sir Reynold Domingo wanted to offer something new to the Kagay-anons he made this super tasty Kataste made traditionally with oyster extract blended with sugarcane and spices – the perfect mate to every grilled or fried stuff you surely don’t want to miss! Kataste is from the phrase “Kagay-anon Taste” so this surely will ring a bell.

Whether you are having grilled pork belly, barbeque or simply just friend chicken, dip it with Kataste to complete your meal (careful with the extra rice though 🙂 ). And for moms out there who loves to cook, kataste is also an amazing additional to your already mouth-watering recipes, also great as a marinade mix.
Kataste is being sold only (for now) at 14th corner 21st Street in Nazareth (very near Lourdes College). It is available in two varieties: the original 250ml (at Php65) and 200ml hot & spicy (at Php58).

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