MUST to Hold the Campus DevCon

The Mindanao University of Science and Technology is set to host this year’s DevCon. The Campus DevCon is designed to introduce technology topics from key players of the IT community and encourage interactions among students, educators and professionals.

Campus DevCon has 2 main components:

Lightning Talks (LT)

LTs are very quick presentations delivered with or without auxiliary visual materials. Each speakers has a maximum of 10 minutes to present his idea, including preparation time, self, introduction, Q&A, etc. There are usually 6-8 LTs per Campus DevCon.
Birds of a Feather (BoF)
BoF is an informal debate on tech topics with 3 volunteers from two opposing sides. A BoF panel will judge on who’s the best team. Examples of BoF topics are “iOS vs Android”, “Does technology improve or harm a person’s social life?” and “Windows vs Linux”.
This year’s DevCon is made possible with the partnership of the following:
Academic Partner: MUST (Mindanao University of Science and Technology)
Student Org Partner:Information and Communication Technology Society – MUST
Prize Sponsors: Smart Telecommunications, Blackberry and Firefox
Media Partners: CDOBloggers
12:00-1:00 Registration
1:00-1:10 Opening Remarks by College Dean
1:10-1:20 Introduction to DevCon by DevCon Representative
Lightning Talks
3:50-4:00 Raffle
4:00-4:30 Birds of a Feather (BoF)
4:30-4:40 Closing Remarks by Student Council President
4:40-5:00 Networking
Please visit this link to register online.

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