Highest Base Jump Tower Now in Dahilayan Adventure Park

Dahilayan Adventure Park has gained its popularity not just because of the places cold weather and beautiful scenery, but most of all because of the heart-pumping activities one can do when visiting. First it was the Asia’s longest dual cable zipline, then the nerve wracking 120ft dropzone and now the Skytower Base Jump! There’s no stopping Sir Elpie Paras in bringing the most extreme adventures in Northern Mindanao! This is by far the Philippines’ tallest parajump platform. Surely the daredevils will find this delightful.

dahilayan base tower jump

The skytower base jump is as high as the 8-storey cell site tower platform. So if you’re in for extreme adventure, visit Dahilayan Adventure Park and get ready to experience the quick, as in quick freefall (in less than 10 seconds) and end with a gradual descend to a safe landing.

dahilayan base tower jump 1

dahilayan sky tower jump

Spice up your summer, beat the heat and jump in for an extreme adventure! Check out Dahilayan Adventure Park’s Official Facebook Page for more information and promos.

Photo Credits: Dahilayan Adventure Park FB Page

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  1. Wow!!! Naa napuy bag.o nga Skytower Base Jump sa Dahilayan. 🙂 Salamat sa pagpahibalo! Unta, madayon namig adto didto para masulayan ila mga adventurous rides. Excited nako.

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