Goldlife Opens in Cagayan de Oro

Helping others leads to a good life — this is what GoldLife Inc. is all about.

Goldlife opened it’s megacenter in the city, located at Door 4 Mahinay Building, Capistarno St, Cagayan de Oro City with megacenter operator Emmanuel V. Matulac.

More than just being a business, it is a fast-growing network marketing company that provides all Filipinos with opportunities for an enhanced life, better health, and a stable future, through high quality and well-researched products.

While the company had a good start in 2008, it was in 2011, when Dick Balajadia stepped in as president, that GoldLife started to really soar; members grew double in number and more high-quality products were added to the mix. Apart from nutraceuticals, the company expanded to carrying soap, beverages, and artificial sweetener.
However, GoldLife’s best-selling product is Chlorevita, a pure chlorella product rich in protein, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, and fiber.

GoldLife is the only company in the Philippines that is carrying a product with chlorella. Far superior to wheatgrass and barley, chlorella — through Chlorevita — is fast becoming even more popular and in demand.
GoldLife has a range of vitamins, food supplements, and other nutraceuticals all aimed to help Filipinos have a healthy, long, and productive life.
Apart from having a wide variety of products that members can sell, another edge of GoldLife over its competitors is that it is backed by a local manufacturer (a sister company) — it does not outsource or import its products.
So while others rely on products imported by certain companies, GoldLife has its own supply of high-quality and world-class products that have passed the stringent Quality Test on Purity and Potency by a CGMP-compliant quality assurance department.
It is also reassuring how the company is transparent to all its members, proving it has a clean and impressive background. So every GoldLife member can be given assurance that while they work hard sharing the products and expanding their own network, they will enjoy the benefits of individualized incentive schemes.
More importantly, GoldLife members are guaranteed that the company is not going anywhere. Even its endorsers — basketball players Paul Artadi and Willie Miller, and TV personalities Dianne Medina, Kiko Rustia, and Cris Pastor — can attest to this.
GoldLife is also aggressive when it comes to expansion, with plans to bring the business to Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, the United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, Laos, and Singapore in the next two years.

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