Firms Cancelled Supposed Conferences in CDO

The July 26 violent bombing that took place in Kyla’s Bistro LKKS is now taking its tool to CDO’s business and tourism. Restaurants owners confirmed a tremendous drop on their daily sales since the incident, taxi drivers on the other hand is feeling the crunch as CDO residents now prefers to stay at their residences than go out to have fun. And just recently 3 firms (Pilipinas Kao, La Farge and Zuellig Pharma) cancelled their supposed conferences in Cagayan de Oro. These are just few of the effects of that selfish and inhuman act of “terrorism” in the city!

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With all these happening, local government and tourism needs to act fast! take the opportunity to boost CDO and its neighboring towns bringing it back to its feet. Some might say it’s still too early to worry but look! we cannot afford to be complacent and let the days past without any effort in putting CDO back to the pedestal where it belongs. ChadaCDO also believes that this is high time for every Kagay-anon and Mindanaoan to do their part. Every little effort counts. That bombing does not define Cagayan de Oro! It was tragic, yes! but let us not stop there. We cannot afford to lose against these heartless people.


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