US Embassy Gives Opportunity to Mindanaoan Youth

I have shared my personal experience with the US Ambassador to the Philippines on his visit to CDO and the overwhelming support of the US Government not just for the development of Cagayan de Oro City but as well as the entire Mindanao. Putting aside all other political views, I personally am thankful for the continuous aid of the US Government to the Philippines. See more information of this opportunity below:


Here’s another good news from the US Embassy, this time for the youth of Mindanao. They are giving Mindanaoan Youth the opportunity to an intensive leadership training at Northern Illinois University. If you qualify and is interested for this opportunity, please contact me so I can send you the necessary form to fill up to complete the process.


We are pleased to announce the beginning of the open application period for the Department of State’s Philippine Youth Leadership Program, an exchange program that sends 24 youth and four adult mentors from Mindanao to the United States for 5 weeks of intensive leadership training at Northern Illinois University.


The program is open to all youth aged 15-17 and adults under 35 who meet the program’s criteria (see below)

The deadline for submission of applications is November 18, 2012.
The following criteria will be used to select youth participants:

  1.  demonstrated leadership potential in their schools and/or communities;
  2. demonstrated interest in community service and outreach;
  3. strong academic and social skills, openness and flexibility;
  4. good English language skills;
  5. no previous significant travel to the U.S. on a U.S. government sponsored program;
  6. aged 15 to 17, either 3rd year high school or 1st year college students, from the ARMM and surrounding provinces; and
  7. commitment to implement their community service action plans, attend the Follow On activities and share their experience with their families, friends, and community.

The following criteria will be used to select adult mentor participants:

Preference given to high school teachers, administrators and/or community leaders who work with youth, have demonstrated interest in environmental advocacy, and who are not over 35 years old. Other factors are:

  • active involvement in community outreach and grassroots organizing;
  • demonstrated commitment or evidence that they will return to the Philippines, remain in their current jobs, and attend follow-on activities;
  • character references and letter of institutional endorsement and support;
  • good English language skills; and
  • no previous significant travel to the U.S. on a U.S. government-sponsored program.

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  1. GOOD DAY,

    Thank you so much for this good news and i would like to express my interest of joining this program. I think this program will help to improve not just the very wellbeing of a person but so as for the community and environment.

    I am 30 years old who was a high school teacher and a senior class adviser from Marshall Islands for over 4 years and i want to improve my skills with regards to reaching of our youth by joining this program.

    Thank you and God bless.

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