Dahilayan Adventure Park’s Drop Zone

After all the volunteering and relief operations for our brothers and sisters who survived typhoon Sendong (Washi), chadacdo together with some blogger friends went to Dahilayan Adventure Park. It’s been quite a while since my last visit so the new adventures and beautiful attractions were a pleasant surprise. Thanks to Sir Benjie Paras for showing us around. And of course Sir Elpie Paras for the warm welcome AND! for introducing us the latest additional of the park’s thrilling and extreme adventures.

Dahilayan takes pride of the newly built Drop Zone. It’s a 120ft high drop! If you are looking for an extreme adventure, adrenaline rush, or perhaps just wants to prove that letting go is the hardest part, this ride is perfect for you. The drop of your life as I call it. What makes it more thrilling is that you will be the one to pull that “trigger” for you to drop! otherwise you’ll reside 120ft up. It’s not officially open to the public yet but Sir Elpie encouraged us for a demo. The ride will cost you 500.00 only. First brave soul was Goma! Check out his video.

Pardon the background, we were as tensed as the one who volunteered to try the drop zone first. He was the official first rider of the 120ft Drop Zone so he deserves a pat on the back! Go Goma!


Second in line is Ding. Taking off is the hardest part!

And! a very brave girl tried the scary ride! She actually cried after the ride (tears of joy I assume).

Truly something worth visiting! It’s a Go for CDO that we can guarantee as Kagay-anons! The beautiful places we take pride are very much in good shape. Visit Cagayan de Oro and experience the thrill of pulling the “trigger” for a deadly but fun drop only in Dahilayan Adventure Park!

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