Coca Cola FEMSA Philippines – Misamis Oriental Plant Tour

Some few days ago, ChadaCDO was among the privileged few from Cagayan de Oro’s local blogging community (representing the CDOBloggers Network) who got invited to take a peek inside the plant of Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines and see how our favorite coca-cola is made and bottled up. It was a rare opportunity as not all guests or field trippers are allowed to take photos inside the plant, moreso videos!

Check out video below to see the inside of the plant where every Coca-Cola bottle begins!

Coca Cola FEMSA Plant Misamis Oriental

Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines is located in Villanueva Misamis Oriental. The plant is the newest among the 19 plants operated by Coca-Cola FEMSA in the entire Philippines. This 11.5 hectares MisOr plant was inaugurated in 2011 and currently has 5 production lines (the latest just started its production July 2016).

Coca-cola FEMSA Mis Or

Coca-cola PET bottle
This is the PET bottle originally – then it gets blown up to become that plastic bottle that reaches to your very own hands! Amazing! Travellers and people on the go prefers this type of packaging (the plastic bottle). This PET line is able to produce as much as 63,000 bottles per hour! The plant also boasts the only Swing Line in the country which can produce both carbonated drinks and water.

Coca-Cola FEMSA currenly provides the beverage requirements of close to 60,000 establishments. Collectively, Coca-Cola FEMSA employs around 470 associates for its manufacturing commercial operations in the province of Misamis Orienta, Cagayan de Oro, and Butuan.

Coca-Cola supports small mom-and-pop stores and traditional food outlets or what we traditionally refer to as Sari-Sari Stores and Carinderias. These are the majority establishments Coca-Col FEMSA is supporting.

After the plant tour, we visited Nanay Foodhaus right across Philippine Sinter Corporation owned by 62 years old Nanay Aracelli. The store has been around since 1994 and Nanay Aracelli takes pride with the fact that she only carried Coca-Cola products eversince she started her business and that it became a livelihood partner throughout the years. She thanks her partnership with Coca-Cola FEMSA for helping her send her two children to school, both of whom are now working.

Nanay Food Haus

Coca-Cola FEMSA Misamis Oriental Philippines

More than its secret forula and world-class quality, a Coca-Cola, and all the other beverages produced by Coca-Cola FEMSA, is actually made up of so much more. It’s made out of love and happiness by the 10,000 people in 19 plants and close to 60 sales offices across the Philippines.

So the next time you open a bottle of Coca-Cola, remember that it is so much more than the fizzy drink you have loved for so many years. It is the result of hard work and dedication of thousands of Filipinos whose lives have been helped tremendously by Coca-Cola FEMSA Philippines.

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