Chillin’ at Coffee Dream CDO

I am a huge fan of Frappucinos and Blended drinks so a perfect place for me to hang out or meet up is definitely a coffee shop where tasty chilled blends are served. As to when that addiction started, I cannot quite remember :). I have been to many coffee houses here in Cagayan de Oro and always, I mean always I do go for Frap or Chilled Blends mostly coffee based. But now due to some health reasons I prefer the non-coffee. Too bad I won’ t be able to enjoy such pleasure as often as I want.

Well for the first time this month I chanced into a Frappucino indulging afternoon with the CDOBloggers at SM City while waiting for the Centerpiece Christmas lighting which we were invited. We went to Coffee Dream which is located in between SM Department Store and SM Grocery (a perfect place to take a brief break from your shopping). Anyway, since I am in a kind of strict non-fat and caffeine diet, I decided to have their Non-Coffee Strawberry Chill while most of the cdobies went for Frothy Caramel and Fro-Reo blend. To complete the indulgence we feasted on their mouth watering Strawberry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake and Chocolate Muffins which me and Irene were eying after we settled down :P.

The verdict? My Strawberry Chill was sweet and smooth, of course the first flavor that hit my taste bud was the sweetness of the strawberry. It didn’t disappoint my long been deprived from blended chill taste buds! I will definitely recommend it for those who want a non-coffee based blend. They also have Green Tea blend if you want to go for a healthier option. For frappucino/blended chills enthusiasts like me, you can easily empty your cup with just couple of sips! If you fancy a little kick of caffeine, go for the Frothy Caramel or Fro-Oreo though you might find it too sweet because of the oreo and sugar but  who cares if they taste great right? I highly recommend these two for those chocolate lovers. Their prize is reasonable and you definitely get your money’s worth.


Coffee Dream has 2 branches here in Cagayan de Oro (SM Groundfloor and Limketkai Mall 2nd level North Concourse). For more options and information about Coffee Dream, visit their website here.

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