“ChadaCDO is joining the Mindanao Bloggers Summit in Iligan City because…”

I believe that as a blogger, fellowship with my fellow bloggers is very important. This event will give every blogger the opportunity to socialize, have fun, understand their role better and learn a lot of things which is not limited to blogging solely. The first time I attended a bloggers summit was way back 2009 when CDOBloggers hosted the event. It was a fun experience as I was one of those people who were on their feet to make the event successful.

I actually decided to join just recently. Thank God my friends here in CDO decided to join as well so I am also looking forward for our trip going to the city of water falls! The newly established bloggers community in Iligan were given the challenge to hold this year’s Summit. I must say they are doing a great job despite their being a newbie to this. Iligan City is no stranger to me as I have worked there for couple of years. Though I didn’t really took the opportunity to really explore the place, I can say that it’s a great place for those who love to get wet and have fun. I also love this year’s theme “One Green Mindanao”. I think it is so timely. Everyone needs all the awareness they can get in nurturing our environment if we want it to take care of us and the coming generations in the coming hundreds of years.

IliganBloggers, newbies as they are have done a great job in ensuring that the event is well funded and supported. They were able to seal a deal with one of the country’s leading telecommunications company! Globe Telecom is one of the major sponsors of the event making it more exciting! I bet they have more surprises on the day of the event. Globe is also promoting their Globe Squish App. It’s a a unified messaging and social networking service application that allows users to stay connected to their messengers and social networking accounts such as facebook and twitter on their mobile phones. This is available for every internet ready mobile phones. It’s actually an application that puts all your Instant Messaging accounts and Social Networking accounts into one place. It’s like a single compartment where you’ll find everything you need. Imagine yourself no longer switching from Yahoo Messenger to MSN, Facebook Chat and Google Talk! You don’t need to open individually your Twitter page and your facebook page since all updates are gonna be shown in this application and you can definitely participate and communicate without opening various windows or their individual applications. How cool is that!

The squish has 4 tabs. First the Chat tab (Instant Messaging – YM, FB Chat etc.), then there’s the Update tab (Facebook post, Twitter feeds, shared photos, activities and latest comments from your friends. Photo tags etc!), Service tab (play games online, participate in poll, chat rooms etc.) and finally Me tab (your personal homepage). Know more about this uber fun and cool application from Globe’s mobile page http://m.globe.com.ph

To close this,

I am encouraging every Mindanao Blogger reader of this site to join the summit and bond with your fellow bloggers! The benefits you can get? Aside from the fellowship, you get to share your blogsite to everyone and gain more blogger friends. See you everyone!

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