Happy Eggs in CDO

Eat out for breakfast, lunch or dinner while still feeling at home with the newly opened Happy Eggs All-day breakfast! They are located at 2nd-19th streets Nazareth, CDO. I had to try their menu the moment I heard of the place’s opening and it didn’t disappoint! I am a sucker for breakfast meals and I have to say their bacon sold me out!

Visit them now for an affordable all-day breakfast and pick an add-on (bulad, hotdog, etc!) to your meal to complete the already mouthwatering meal in-front of you. Landmark is the Fort Santiago Pension House. Start your day happy with Happy Eggs all-day breakfast!

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  1. Hello mga Pinanggang Kagay-anons…ayaw na mo sigeg kaon sa parat ug sa tam-is kaayo….menus=menusi na karon ang inyong salt and sugar intake and you will live longer to enjoy our patsada ratsada CDO ….kanang atong mga natun-an nga style sa pagkaon sa atong mga parents-relatibs-en-friends ug silingans-nga super parat ug super tam-is….mao kana ang sinugdanan sa mga sakit-sakit ug mga adto-adto sa doctor…live healthy…remove excessive sugar and salt in your diet…..live longer…live longer (ka-duha jud kay bisaya man hi-hi-hi)

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