CDO Landmarks – Gaston Park

Named after the first Mayor of Cagayan de Oro, Segundo Gaston, Gaston Park is located in front of the San Agustin Metropolitan Cathedral Archbishop’s Palace. It is an important landmark of Cagayan de Oro as it is said to be the oldest site in the city. Aside from its notable fountain, Gaston Park is one of the favorite places to unwind after attending a Sunday’s mass by the locals.

Some Trivia about Gaston Park

It was the site of the first Spanish settlement established in 1622. It also became an execution ground for Spanish criminals and later a training ground for local soldiers in the Philippine-American War.

Last 2011 a group of Kagay-anon accidentally dug some artifacts that include 16th century earthen wares, Chinese porcelain, shells, trade ceramics, bricks and European ceramics.

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