Oh yes! let’s segway a little bit from all the boutique and stores hopping in malls and give way to a Fairy who happens to love hopping around blogs just as ChadaCDO loves to hop around awesome places! Kagay-anon bloggers behold! A Fairy also exist in the blogosphere! He comes with a good news to every blogger’s nethome whom he will pay visit. ChadaCDO is excited to welcome Fairy Hobmother to our Chada home!

If you want to also welcome Fairy hobmother in you beloved blogs and roll out that red carpet for him, all you have to do is comment away! Leave your URLs as he will definitely check to those who will share their thoughts and opinions (right there at the comment section). A little trivia of our dear Fairy Hobmother, he loves washing machine(s)! just as he loves to go swirl around as if he is in it! :). That’s a little something about him! You’ll know more about our generous fairy ones he visit you too!