Philippines Official Holidays 2014

With the opening of 2014, it is important to know and take note the official declared Philippines holidays for 2014.

Image source: Manila Bulletin

As for Cagayan de oro, August 28 is Special NonWorking Public holiday (Cagayan de Oro City Day). It is very helpful to take note of these holidays to plan your vacations or Vacation Leaves (if you are working) as early as this month. Cheers to 2014!

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HEPP Dialogue in CDO

December 6, 2013, The Philippine Business for Education (PBed) dialogued with Cagayan de Oro’s representatives of the Industry and Academe for the Higher Education Productivity Project (HEPP) at the Pryce Plaza Hotel.

Philippine Business for Education (PBEd), in partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Philippines, has embarked on a noble project to reform Philippine Higher Education and make it aligned to the needs of the industry.

The Higher Education and Productivity Project (HEPP), is a one year project that aims to solve the skills gap and mismatch problem by initiating industry-academe partnerships at the national and regional level.
At the national level, it aims to initiate policy reforms and wider industry academe partnerships. While at the regional level, the HEPP will mainly be implemented in Batangas, Cagayan de Oro, and Iloilo.
Specifically, it aims to achieve this by improving the availability of information on industry and higher education capability and sustained national policy dialogue between key stakeholders, and by creating manpower plans and concrete industry-academe partnerships at the local level.


Apart from the representatives of the industry and the academe chaired by Fr. Roberto C. Yap of Xavier University, City Mayor Oscar Moreno was also present to witness the signing of the agreement between PBed, the Local Industry and the Academe. PBed had a brief presentation explaining how some of the skills produced in the academe does not meet what is required of the industry in the city (considered as higher growth areas). To know more about PBed’s role and advocacies and also HEPP, visit its official website and get connected.

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2013 Xavier University Alumni Homecoming

The yuletide season is welcomed with a fun celebration of the Xavier University High School Alumni Homecoming 2013. The annual commemoration of the pioneers of bringing quality education in the City of Golden Friendship, XU High School sets another milestone of the university as we stage this year’s homecoming.

November 30, 2013 dates this year’s gathering of the accomplished graduates of Ateneo de Cagayan, University High School. Professionals, artists, businessmen and women coming from the different parts of the world will come together to share success and give inspiration to the present generation. Each year, the homecoming is hosted by one batch. The chosen batch will organize and create its own version of this grand gathering for all the XUHS accomplished graduates.
High School is one of the best parts of a person’s growth. After graduation, many of us walk through the line of career that we chose. Different ways have paved and some friends are bound to travel far to pursue a dream for a brighter future.
The journeys of many batch mates and classmates have conquered a successfully and now a grand get together waits for everyone. This event will be filled with laughter and fun for everyone.
This year’s legacy will be up held by the Batch 89 of the university to continue the prestige of the homecoming. Presentation and commemoration of the tradition and developments will be highlighted.
Gil Macaibay III, Albert Rivera and Mark Christopher Yaranon from Batch 89 will have a fashion show with XUHS Alumni as models.
The show is directed by Dennis Almazan from the host batch ’89.
This event will be highlighted with the following activities:

  3. FASHION SHOW (Batch 88 Fashion Designers and XUHS Alumni Models)

We would like to invite all Xavier University High School Alumni to join us in this celebration. Experience and feel the fun of reunited friends and classmates.

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