Part 2: Cadayunan Primary School Outreach

We are sharing 2 videos for every Kagay-anon for us all to see the real situation of the kids there that is why CDOBloggers decided to adopt the school and help each child in any way we can. One need not to be rich in order to be a blessing to everyone.

Here’s a video of us going to Sitio 14, Besigan where the School is located. It was a sunny ride, rough, gloomy until the rain pour down on us as we approached Cadayunan Primary School.

They are the kids we love to help. The rugged rough ride was all worth it upon seeing the joy in their eyes, their warm smile and their excitement which was clear in their synchronized greeting. I love how these kids are being polite and respectful. The video below shows the kids sing the National Anthem and singing the English Alphabet.

Reposting the names of those people and establishments who were kind enough to help us making this outreach a successful one! Most of all for making the Cadayunan Kids happy. This won’t be the last we assure you :).

Cash and in Kind

Bang Agbon – P 400.00
Ems Cortez – P 300.00, Books & Toys
Ding Aban – P 300.00
Vic Madriaga – P 300.00 & Books
Venus Mabale – P 300.00
Eleanor Aguilar – P 300.00, Bags
Shailini Baliguat – P 500.00
Grace Maghanoy – P 300.00
Myra Bunayog – P500.00
JenJaqs Agbon – books
Little Lili – Books,shoes & bags
SweeTeachRN – Bags

Thank you as well to our blogger friends who donated through PayPal
Verna Liza Luga – P 210.32
Borris Mabulay – P 841.29
Gagay Dinampo – P 210.32
Teresa Barcelon-Tippett – P 391.62
Dexter Panganiban – P 420.64
Karen Chayne Sanchez – P 210.32
Jessica Cassidy – P 1051.61
Ruby Ricafrente – P 210.32 and books
Jay Ginete – P 1051.61
Mhai Damasco – P 391.63

Kids Christmas Party Lootbags
Firefly Toothbrush
Guard Insect Repellent
Dhadha Garcia – in kind for the kids’ toothpastes
Raya Alkuino Gregorio

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Cadayunan Primary School Christmas Outreach 2011

December 2, 2011 – The BIG DAY for the CDOBloggers as it’s the most awaited christmas outreach, gift giving and feeding activity day we all been waiting for. The benefactor – Besigan Sitio 14’s Cadayunan Primary School. Thanks to the project chair Roxanne Hambre for finding a school worthy of our little help, time and effort.

Besigan is the last town of Cagayan de Oro City, approximately 2 hours travel from the city. The CDOBloggers reached Sitio 14 through a Dump Truck provided by the City Government. We learned from the residents in Besigan and neighboring towns that the truck is their regular transportation from their place to the city (back and forth). An important means that aids the residents source of living as it carries their crops, vegetables and business to the city. Getting to Cadayunan Primary School was not an easy ride. It was like participating in an off-road challenge. We salute the driver of the said truck for hurdling such unfriendly road and curves. We were at the back with these 3 barrels of Crude Oil we had to hold and push everytime there’s a rocky and uphill road we had to go through. Hard but we were laughing while we were on it.

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Biogesic Brings John Lloyd Cruz to CDO

In celebration of John Lloyd Cruz Five (5) INGAT years with Biogesic a series of Fans Day Tour brought John Lloyd to several places in Philippines for the fans to personally meet and greet the Philippines Multi Box-Office King. On December 3, 2011 The country’s leading brand prescribed by doctors, in cooperation with Unilab and ABS-CBN, has brought John Lloyd to Cagayan de Oro this time for a special “Ingat Fans Day”. Before the actual fans day at the Limketkai Atrium, a press conference was held at the Marco Hotel in Gusa, Cagayan de Oro attended by representatives from Print, ads, tv and online media. Chadacdo was lucky to be invited on the said press conference.

We know the fans are drying to know more about JLC and his upcoming projects, so here’s what we got so far.

Question: What are the 5 things you look forward to in 2012?
JLC: Movie with Angel Locsin which is set to play on January 18,2012. A Teleserye come back. A Vacation to relax. More years with Biogesic. (the 5th – utang pa nya :)). See video below.

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Cadayunan Primary School Needs Help

The Bloggers of Cagayan de Oro (CDOBloggers) are set to have an outreach and feeding program to a newly opened primary school in Besigan.Besigan is 52 kilometers away from the city proper and most of the people in the area are farmers with no regular transportation except dump trucks from the city government to help the people transport their farm products. Before Cadayunan Primary School was approved last March 2011, children had to walk 12 kilometers everyday to and from the nearest school resulting to most of them skipping school and eventually stop.

Cadayunan Primary School is truly a blessing to the residents of Besigan as their children are given the opportunity to an accessible education. Currently the school has 60 primary pupils and 2 teachers. The school is in dire need of learning materials for the pupils as well as teaching materials for the teacher to effectively guide and teach these eager kids. Each of the members have already committed to help through cash or kind donations. We are looking into donating books and other materials beneficial to the learning process of the pupils. Surely all the contributions will go a long way.This will be a great early christmas gifts for them.

We would like also to appeal to every kagay-anon for any support you can contribute. Please email us at if you wish to help or take part of this outreach. And to our fellow bloggers and netizens we also accept donations through paypal ( Your $3 to $5 will surely go a long way. The last time we did a project like this (involving money donations through paypal or cash) was way back January 2009 when majority area of CDO was heavily flooded due to over spilling of water to major rivers in the city. We also made a post about the project (The $3 Campaign for the Flash Flood Victims).

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CDOBloggers 3rd Blogging Workshop

The CDOBloggers will hold its 3rd Blogging Workshop on the 22nd of October 2011. This year apart from the bloggers the group is aiming to help the online entrepreneurs and those who want to have what it takes to work conveniently at home through the topics relevant to them. The speakers are notable and well versed with the topics they are going to share and discuss so it’s a guarantee that the participants will go home armed with more information to help them grow as online marketers.

The topics are as listed:
– Public Relations & Blogging by Maria Irene Aserios
– Web/Internet Marketing by Al Jedidiah Aquino
– Social Media, SEO by Venus Mabale & Eldie Aban

The workshop will be held at the 3rd Floor of Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant – King Arthur Room from 1:00-5:00 PM. Loreto’s Grill and Restaurant is situated at #35 Tomas Saco 6th Nazareth, Cagayan de Oro City.

Google freebies will be given away to lucky participants. Limited seats only!  We can only accommodate 75 heads. Grab your tickets now! 🙂

For inquiries, contact:

Em Cortez – 09177194346
Elva Agbon – 09165853700


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Solar Energy Mindanao NOW!

 I had the same question before. Just like what others were thinking, I thought Solar Energy in Mindanao is just another fad and will dwindle in the long run. Thanks to the effort of the Management of CEPALCO for proving me wrong! After listening to that lecture by Engr. Cecilio Sumaoy, we were enlightened and we all realized that it’s high time for the Mindanaoans to fully understand the reliability and effectiveness of the Solar Energy and ACT NOW to support this development plan for Mindanao and for its people.

Mindanao is SHORT in power capacity. As the population grows and as the economy of Mindanao prospers, the demand of power also increases. That is a FACT RIGHT NOW. So how will the current Power Plants address these fast growing demands without us experiencing all those annoying blackouts? Yes, probably the current Power Plants we have now will help but until when? Below is a part of the news I got from Philippine Star concerning the tight electricity supply situation in Mindanao.

Energy Secretary Rene Almendras said the government is also concerned over the tight electricity supply situation in Mindanao especially because reserve energy margins remained below the targeted 21 percent, which could plunge the island into daily brownouts again if a power plant or unit breaks down.

In 2010, a dry spell brought by El Niño caused water levels to go critical in Mindanao’s hydro plants, causing a rotating daily brownout that stunted a three-fold increase in its economy in the last three years of the Arroyo administration.

Even with plans by Conal Holdings, Inc., owned by the Alcantara-led Alsons, Inc., to put up two 200-megawatt coal-fired power plants in Sarangani and Zamboanga, and a P25-billion plan by Aboitiz Power, owned by the Aboitiz family which divested its maritime cargo business to go into the energy industry, to construct a power plant in Davao, power demand in Mindanao is expected to exceed supply by 2014.

Almendras said the Department of Energy is considering the transfer of oil-fired power barges and the re-commissioning of a 35-megawatt thermal plant in Iligan to offset a very tight electricity supply situation in Mindanao as power supply margins last summer had breached the required 21 percent despite the full generation performance of its hydro-electric power plants.

Local economists have bewailed the current high electricity costs in the Philippines as the major contributor to the rapid decline in the country’s competitiveness in the world market, with neighbors like Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand offering rates as low as 5-7 cents per kilowatthour against the Philippines’ 23 cents.

FYI, in Mindanao we have Diesel, Geothermal, Coal and Hydro as major players in providing its people electricity. These sources are FINITE and DWINDLING while Solar Energy has always been there for the longest time and has been utilized by other fast growing countries.


The biggest factor why most people refuse Solar Energy in Mindanao is because of its COST. It’s expensive! It’s not practical! That’s the argument.

Well here are some Facts:

    Solar installed cost is declining! Why? Because its demand is increasing year by year as dozens of countries and millions of people are utilizing it already.
    Solar Energy is the cheapest alternative and probably the fastest power plant to complete (in case the power plant is approved! 100MW in one year!)
    Solar Energy can supply the world’s total energy requirement for the next hundred years!
    Solar energy technology is less maintenance and low operating cost.
    Solar panels may last to up to 30 years.
    Electricity from Solar Energy is covered by the Renewable Energy Law.

The following are the existing RE Technology

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CDOBloggers School Tour – MUST

One of the goal of CDOBloggers is to educate the students on what blogging is and its benefits on them. We had our second school tour at the Mindanao University of Science and Technology last August 13, 2011 where more or less 150 BSIT enthusiastic students attended the seminar. It was indeed a fun experience for everyone who were able to make it! See video below.



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