Cagayan de Oro in State of Calamity

December 16, 2011 Typhoon Sendong (International Name: Typhoon Washi) struck Mindanao particularly Cagayan de Oro City and Iligan City, violently washing out many homes and perished nearly 600 lives (adult and children). In Cagayan de Oro, there was no electricity already few hours before the typhoon blew up into a deadly and disastrous one. I was trying to sleep but could not really do so because of the ferocity of the rain and the scary sound of the wind. That was 1:00 in the morning (December 17,2011). 3 AM my phone vibrated and saw my close friends name calling. I knew then, something was wrong. She told me they were trapped at the rooftop for several hours braving the ravaging wind and cold drops of rain waters while helplessly seeing the houses being carried away by the fierce flood waters and the people screaming for help as they fought for their lives. I was so worried! Another friend a fellow cdoblogger texted informing they too have evacuated their house in Kauswagan because water is already inside their house and it’s rising.

Early morning, still no electricity. We just heard from other people the damage Sendong left in Cagayan de Oro. Houses were washed out, people and children died and some missing. I personally saw my friend’s place and could not even go closer to their house as there was this another house in the middle of the street. See some photos taken during and after the devastating Typhoon (credits to the owners of these photos).

Rescuers carrying a dead child

Arial view of some affected areas in CDO

A grieving father holding his lifeless little child

We appeal to everyone around the globe to please pray for each victim’s soul, may they rest in peace and find refuge in the arms of God the Father. May the grieving family eventually finds light and be comforted with God’s assurance that they’re loved ones are in a better place now. May the victims finds the strength to move on despite this horrendous misfortune.

Right now there are still some areas with no electricity and most areas in CDO are out of water. We have been depending from fire truck’s “rasyon” of water. Many families are still in the evacuation center seeking refuge. We would like to appeal to your kind heart for assistance in kind or cash as the victims badly needs it. Click on this link if you want to help.

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