Cagayan de Oro Among the Top 10 Highly Urbanized Cities in Philippines in 2015

The National Competitive Council with its annual Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index recently revealed the top 10 highly-urbanized cities in the Philippines in 2015. Out of the 145 cities in the Philippines, Cagayan de Oro ranked number 6! This means Cagayan de Oro performed well in 2015 along with highly developed cities in the country such as Cebu and Davao.

Check out the rest of the cities who made it to the top 10. These cities were ranked according to Economic Dynamism, Infrastructure, and Government Efficiency.

Cagayan de Oro Highly Urabanized City in Philippines 2015

Image Src: Mindanao Economic Boom fb page

The Cities and Municipalities Competitive Index is an annual ranking of Philippine cities and municipalities developed by the National Competitiveness Council through the Regional Competitiveness Committees (RCCs) with the assistance of the United States Agency for International Development.

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