Cadayunan Primary School Needs Help

The Bloggers of Cagayan de Oro (CDOBloggers) are set to have an outreach and feeding program to a newly opened primary school in Besigan.Besigan is 52 kilometers away from the city proper and most of the people in the area are farmers with no regular transportation except dump trucks from the city government to help the people transport their farm products. Before Cadayunan Primary School was approved last March 2011, children had to walk 12 kilometers everyday to and from the nearest school resulting to most of them skipping school and eventually stop.

Cadayunan Primary School is truly a blessing to the residents of Besigan as their children are given the opportunity to an accessible education. Currently the school has 60 primary pupils and 2 teachers. The school is in dire need of learning materials for the pupils as well as teaching materials for the teacher to effectively guide and teach these eager kids. Each of the members have already committed to help through cash or kind donations. We are looking into donating books and other materials beneficial to the learning process of the pupils. Surely all the contributions will go a long way.This will be a great early christmas gifts for them.

We would like also to appeal to every kagay-anon for any support you can contribute. Please email us at if you wish to help or take part of this outreach. And to our fellow bloggers and netizens we also accept donations through paypal ( Your $3 to $5 will surely go a long way. The last time we did a project like this (involving money donations through paypal or cash) was way back January 2009 when majority area of CDO was heavily flooded due to over spilling of water to major rivers in the city. We also made a post about the project (The $3 Campaign for the Flash Flood Victims).

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