Cadayunan Primary School Christmas Outreach 2011

December 2, 2011 – The BIG DAY for the CDOBloggers as it’s the most awaited christmas outreach, gift giving and feeding activity day we all been waiting for. The benefactor – Besigan Sitio 14’s Cadayunan Primary School. Thanks to the project chair Roxanne Hambre for finding a school worthy of our little help, time and effort.

Besigan is the last town of Cagayan de Oro City, approximately 2 hours travel from the city. The CDOBloggers reached Sitio 14 through a Dump Truck provided by the City Government. We learned from the residents in Besigan and neighboring towns that the truck is their regular transportation from their place to the city (back and forth). An important means that aids the residents source of living as it carries their crops, vegetables and business to the city. Getting to Cadayunan Primary School was not an easy ride. It was like participating in an off-road challenge. We salute the driver of the said truck for hurdling such unfriendly road and curves. We were at the back with these 3 barrels of Crude Oil we had to hold and push everytime there’s a rocky and uphill road we had to go through. Hard but we were laughing while we were on it. Good thing the rain poured when we were already close to the place. God is good!

At last! we reached Sitio 14 where Cadayunan Primary School was. There were just few houses around the vicinity and that includes the little quarter of the 2 teachers generously teaching the children. The kids waited since 8 in the morning but due to the delay they had to wait longer. Thankfully they were still there waiting at almost 12 noon! We automatically forgot the almost backbreaking ride the moment we saw the kids who got excited upon seeing us arrive. Despite their lack of neat facade, they were polite and nice kids. We immediately saw their needs :(.

Going to the very school was yet another challenge as we had to go through a muddy and slippery stairs to get there. We didn’t mind! We are just as excited as the kids. We had fun games just inside their classroom due to the bad weather outside. The foods we gave them, the books and the little presents maybe just small but we know that filled their hearts. We will definitely come back kids!

CDOBloggers would like to sincerely thank all those who donated money (cash and paypal), books and goods. Without all your kind donations this outreach project won’t be possible. And to the bloggers who were so generous of their time (Em,Dharlz, Ruby, Jean, Roxanne, Ding, Emman, Mike, Vic and Jun), may God bless you more.

To those who were not able to extend help due to whatever reasons, it is not too late for you! We are planning to go back, this time armed with more stuff to give the children. They need clothes, school supplies (bags, notebooks, paper, pencils etc.), slippers and shoes. Even stuff for good hygiene. We will keep you all posted.

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