Building Tent City 2

Tent City which is located in Calaanan is now fully occupied with hundreds of Sendong survivors who have lost their homes when Typhoon Sendong ravaged some areas in Cagayan de Oro City.


With the number of tents already pitched at Calaanan, it is still not enough to accommodate those who needs to be relocated as there are still families taking shelter in evacuation centers (School Gymnasiums, School Grounds and Brgy. Gymnasiums and Halls). Thanks to Shelter Box and Rotary Club International Tent City 2 will be up soon! Through the tents they donated, families who are still living at gymnasiums will be relocated as soon as they are all up. A shelter of their own while waiting for the completion of the housing project for them hopefully by March.


Shelter Box and Rotary Club International allocated 500 tents for Tent City 2 which is located few meters away from Tent City 1. The tents are not all up yet to date. They need all the volunteers they can get to have all those tents pitched and ready to live. Volunteers from All Hands are helping out with few volunteers from CDO and some who just flew there way here to assist.


Putting up one tent will take 4-5 people to complete it


The inside of the tent, needs someone with mighty height to attach it. Sam from All Hands, selflessly gave his time and effort to help CDO. This child is a resident of Calaanan who also had fun helping in his own little way.


All Hands Volunteers (Jess, Jane & Pete) and some CDO peeps who helped putting up tents


As mentioned, Tent City 2 is still not complete. Over 250 tents are yet to be setup and Shelter Box needs more volunteers to expedite the process. Please leave your comments and email or fb if you want to help this Saturday.

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