No Blackout in CDO

Despite the national news of a power shortage in Mindanao, CEPALCO ( Cagayan de Oro Electric Power and Light Company) assured Cagayan De Oro and their consumers that there will be no brownouts next month where brownouts are expected to worsen due to another round of maintenance works set by the National Power Corporation (NPC) for the Pulangi hydro power plants in Bukidnon.

A notice from the NPC has been sent to power distribution units in Mindanao informing them that NPC will shut down the combined 150- megawatt (MW) Pulangi plants by April to pave the way for scheduled preventive maintenance and river desilting operations. NPC and the National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) implemented last October the rotating brownouts due to power supply cuts.


To prevent rotating brownouts, Chavez said Cepalco will source out power from the diesel plant of Minergy located in barangay Tablon. “Minergy diesel plant has been producing 27-Megawatt power to the consuming public under the service area of Cepalco. Bisan taud-taud na ang cultailment imposed by NGCP and NPC, we were saved because of our back-up power from Minergy,” she said. However, she said, they are campaigning for energy-saving procedures so as to get lesser power from Minergy that costs more than the normal rate. Chavez said only the franchise areas of Cepalco and the Davao Light and Power Company have so far not been affected by the power curtailment imposed by NGCP and NPC in Mindanao. Read the rest of the story HERE.

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